Saturday, August 27, 2011

A return

It's been many months since I blogged, and life has been busy. Our Mexican honeymoon was wonderful, and I wish we could return right now (though I wouldn't enjoy the heat, I'm sure.) Work has been crazy, but I love it. I love what I do, and that is something new for me. My past job was wearing me down, and the addition of my extra duties has made it far, far better.

My husband and I celebrated our first anniversary last month with a small party for our family and friends, and then a day to ourselves. It's hard to believe it's been (over) a year already. Though I hate cliches, I guess time flies when you're in a secure, happy, loving relationship. While everyone has their ups and downs, fights and fun, the great has definitely outweighed the bad.

I will be returning to blogging with a new focus of The Perfect Housewife Project. I will of course continue with my cooking and baking, but I'm also going to focus on our lives, with all the travel, family and love that I am so lucky to be able to share.

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