Monday, November 29, 2010

The Perfect Housewife and the No Good Really Bad Couple of Weeks

Well, maybe not so bad. I've had worse certainly, but these past few weeks have been a doozy.

Though I have accomplished much (including my entrance to the butcher shop and learning a new trick to cutting onions without crying from an online friend), it's also been a really rough few weeks. After my trip to the butcher shop on Remembrance Day, I came down with the flu bug from hell, which left me working from home for an entire week and completely isolated. Mr. V's cold returned, meaning that neither of us were up to anything more than sleeping and eating Jello for nearly a week.

That went away, but it left me weak as a ragdoll and exhausted. I'm still exhausted, and the flu has been gone for over a week now.

This exhaustion has curtailed my hot yoga and turned me into a weakling at the gym. Instead of spending 45 minutes on cardio, I was able to make it only 15 before having to get off the elliptical before I fainted. This, as I'm sure you can understand, feels like a failure. I worked very, very hard before our wedding to get up every morning and hit the gym before work, and now, four months on, I'm too exhausted in the mornings to do much more than hit the snooze button. I assume some of this is due to the cold, wet weather we are having, but it's also just a general feeling of malaise. I want to go to the gym, I really do. But I'm just too exhausted to go.

Thus far, this week has not been much better. This morning I hit snooze until it was too late to hit the gym. I am determined that tomorrow will be a better day, even if I have to put my alarm clock on the other side of the room to force me to get out of bed. If I don't go to the gym before work, I don't get to eat dinner tomorrow night until I go for a run, in the rain. That should be punishment enough for anyone, let alone The Perfect Housewife in training.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Wherein a vegetarian visits a butcher shop

Yes, you read that right. I, a life-long vegetarian, went to a butcher shop last week to purchase sausages for my husband, who wanted some to add to pasta I was making for dinner.

It was my own fault for volunteering to run across the street and buy some groceries for dinner, as well as some other household items. As I was leaving to hit the farm market, Mr V. asked if I would pick up some lamb sausages. I was worried, to put it mildly.

The farm market was easy and normal. Then, I entered the butcher shop, and immediately wanted to turn around. Not only was I completely out of my element, the huge array of meat products was way too overwhelming to me. The man at the counter may or may not have immediately noticed I was paralyzed in the doorway like a frightened rabbit.

He asked if he could help me, so I told him what I wanted, and that I was a vegetarian and thus completely confused by everything in the shop. He laughed, packed up the sausages, and let me pay for them without further comment.

Thus, a vegetarian made her first foray into a butcher shop. My husband better appreciate it.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The hot yoga experiment

Well, I finally got my kitchen back, with its brand-new light fixtures and a freshly painted ceiling. Ah, bliss once again falls over the land.

However, I haven't been using it much as of late. It was a busy week last week, so we didn't end up sitting at home much. Despite this, I am quite proud of the state of my home. The office is being cleaned out this weekend (thank the deity of your choice for long weekends), and then I will finally have the giant bookcase out of my living room.

Another facet of being the Perfect Housewife is to take good care of yourself, through good grooming and exercise. I've been a horseback rider for nearly 13 years now, but last week I decided to try yoga. Not only yoga, but hot yoga.

Now, I've been doing yoga on and off for awhile and I love it. However, I was terrified by the prospect of doing it in a room heated to 40 degrees, in front of people who have been doing yoga for years. Because of horseback riding and a genetic predisposition to being completely inflexible, I have a ridiculous lack of flexibility in my legs. My back is the most flexible thing on the planet, but tight hamstrings (honed by controlling a large pinto) prevent me from reaching my toes without bending my knees, and contribute to occasional out-of-control back spasms.

Thus, I headed off to my first hot yoga class with trepidation last week.

Yes, it was hot. Yes, it was hard. And yes, many of the people in the class were way more flexible than me. But honestly? I loved it. I came out drenched in sweat, but calm and happy. Exhausted and thirsty, but happy.

To make sure it wasn't just a one-off, I tried it again earlier this week. Again, I returned home calm, happy and high on endorphins. I think I've found something new and exciting, and I plan to return to class a few more times before my experimental pass runs out next Wednesday. After that, it will be a weekly treat to myself. Perhaps I won't get more flexible, but at least for an hour I can turn my brain off and just breathe.