Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 15 and 16: Heading downhill

Kind of hard to believe that I'm halfway through my 30-day challenge, though two more weeks still seems like a long time.

With some upheaval at work and trying to be there for my best friend and her family after the death of her father, it's been a rough few days around the Perfect Housewife household. I'm overtired and snappish, and small things are irritating me.

One of those things is the packed yoga class. Because it's teacher training until Sunday, there are extra people in my usual hot yoga class, and it feels a bit squished. It's hard to get the full effect of opening your lungs and chest when you're afraid of smacking someone with your arms as you breathe in. It's also a bit disheartening to watch all these flexible people who are training to be teachers, especially because I don't feel I'm any closer to achieving my goal of touching my toes while standing. My muscles aren't hurting anymore, which I suppose is a good sign, but they're still just as rigid as they were before I started. Hopefully the next two weeks will make a slight bit of difference, but I'm kind of down on that possibility right now.

The other irritant is the extremely full parking lot. There are an extra 20 people doing teacher training, so that translates to several extra cars in the tiny studio parking lot. I've managed to get a spot for the past two days, but tomorrow I'll be arriving later and I'm not so sure I won't be parking far away and having to run to class. Not the best start to what is supposed to be a relaxing, enlightening practice.

Tomorrow I am taking my mother with me to hatha class, which I'm a bit worried about. She has a bad hip, but I'm hoping the slow pace of the class will at least allow her to keep up. She may end up in child's pose the entire time, but maybe at least a bit will sink in.

14 days left ...

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