Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 26: The double shift

After missing last Sunday due to feeling sick when I woke up, I was a day behind my yoga this week. Thus, I did two classes today, a Yin-Yang practice followed by Hatha.

It actually went really, really well. I was worried I'd be exhausted by the end of it, but I was in a great mood afterward and I felt wonderful. However, my poor knee was a casualty of war after I broke up some scar tissue while doing a final stretch. My physiotherapist mother assures me that this is a good thing because it will hopefully allow my leg to stretch a bit more, but it's always a bit tender for a few days after so I'm on a constant cycle of ice and heat.

I felt so good after two classes in a row today that I have decided to do another two classes tomorrow so I don't have to worry about getting up early on Monday. I start my new job that day, and I am a bit worried about having to miss my class on Monday night if something happens at work and I end up getting stuck past 4 p.m. This will also give me the chance to eat dinner with my husband earlier than 7:30, which is always exciting.

It will be kind of fun to be ahead of myself in yoga, though it's still strange to think that after tomorrow I only have two classes left in my 30-day challenge. I am going back to Hatha on Tuesday with my mom, and then finishing my challenge on Wednesday the way I began, with a hot class. I'm looking forward to being able to come home right after work, and I'm looking forward to having my weekends completely free. However, I am a bit sad to be finishing the challenge, as thus far it has brought me some amazing things.

Even if I still can't touch my toes.

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